About us

Freshiesfresh is an Idea to connect Farmers and their products directly to the customers.
In Today’s busy world we actually do care what we eat but we actually don’t have time and ways to find how the Fruits and Vegetables we eat are grown.
Freshiesfresh products are grown by our listed Farmers who have been growing Frurits and Vegetables since last 10 to 15 years.  Thus we provide our consumers with a list of farmers who are growing Fruits and Vegetables using natural Methods so that our customers can be served with grown by natural methods which are Chemical and Fertilizer free.  Freshiesfresh consumers can visit Our Farm page in our website and see the list of Farmers whom we co0nnect directly to our Customers.

Freshiesfresh also have a wild vegetable collection team who are located in different Districts of Manipur to collect wild fruits and vegetables for our esteemed consumers.   Freshiesfresh wild Vegetable and Fruits collection team ensures that our consumers get freshly collected wild fruits and vegetables such as Loklei, Pullei, Kanglayen, Uuiyen etc.  These wild Fruits and Vegetables are grown in natural environment and our collection team ensures that such wild vegetables are harvested in natural method making it Chemical and Fertilizers free.

It is through Freshiesfresh only that a consumer will know who is the grower of the food product that they are being served and how the products are grown.

Finally Freshiesfresh ensures that our Consumers are provided with the know how of who is growing the product that we eat and how it is grown and thus Freshiesfresh provides our consumers with quality product at a reasonable price.


Freshies fresh welcome you